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01. Juni 2012

Thomas Lizzara - Dopamin Puzzle / Album

Techno Album of the Month (Raveline/may 2012) Vinyl Charts Peak Position 1#


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31. Mai 2012

Out now, my debut Album "Dopamin Puzzle".

Thomas Lizzara's debut album, dopamin puzzle, early supported and played by Alle Farben, Arts & Leni, Drauf & Dran, Niko Pusch and many more. After many releases and remixes, Thomas Lizzara the Berlin based club phenomenon, launches his long-awaited debut album Dopamin Puzzle on Ostfunk Records. By gathering club tunes and emotional tracks, that were made together with the singer Steven Coulter, he created an acoustic mapping of nightlife joy. Thomas Lizzara delivers happiness to the people


11. Mai 2012


MY DEBUT ALBUM " DOPAMIN PUZZLE " on VINYL Buzz Charts, Position 3

Raveline "Techno Album of the month"

Thank you so much :-)

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